Learn a clinically proven approach to ease your chronic pain (WITHOUT medication or surgery!) so that you can finally feel RELIEF and begin enjoying life again.

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Has your chronic pain taken over your life?

Has it become impossible to work, live, or move without feeling — and focusing on — your pain?
For chronic pain sufferers, life often feels like a challenge or struggle. There is very little you can do (if anything) that doesn’t remind you of your pain.
Your life, which used to include many things you enjoyed doing, has changed dramatically and you're not able to enjoy things you once loved or you feel isolated from friends and family.
This limited lifestyle has probably taken a mental toll and you could be feeling depressed or anxious about your pain's impact on your life...
…or at the way it’s affecting your ability to work, maintain relationships, or simply get out and have some fun.
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You may have tried everything you can think of to fix the issue and nothing’s worked including medications, physical therapy, experimental treatments — or even surgery.

And the time and money you’ve spent is a whole other stressor in itself.
Especially since you’ve wasted so much of both without finding a solution.
You wish there was a way you could get back to living pain-free and experience a more carefree life, as you have in the past.
After so many failed treatments, it's hard to feel hopeful…
You keep struggling through each day and suffering through the pain, while feeling hopeless, defeated, and alone.

I want you to know, you’re not alone.

There are millions of people in your same situation, suffering with chronic pain.

In fact, the CDC estimates that over 20 percent of Americans have some form of pain — from migraines to fibromyalgia to joint pain and more.

Many of those people, like you, have tried treatment after treatment to ease their chronic pain and nothing has worked…
…and they’ve lost all hope that they’ll ever experience life without their pain again.
Yet the truth is that they can — and SO CAN YOU.
The issue with the most common treatments for chronic pain is that they typically follow a medical-only approach.
You see a doctor for your pain, they give you a diagnosis, and then you “treat” it with medication, injections, physical therapy, or even surgery.
Yet, there is one crucial factor that is not accounted for in a medically-focused approach to chronic pain: the role your BRAIN plays in experiencing pain!

Pain is the result of a neural pathway that’s been created in the brain and when that pathway is activated you FEEL pain in your body.

Yet sometimes, the brain can misinterpret messages from your body when you’re physically safe and okay, and read them as if you’re in danger which triggers that neural pathway unnecessarily.
When this happens over and over (and over) again, you experience the perpetuating cycle known as chronic pain.
In order to interrupt this cycle, you need to interrupt the pathway in your brain that continues to be activated which is something that medicine, injections, and physical procedures can’t do!

To truly ease — and potentially eliminate — your pain, you need to honor the mind-body connection that’s occurring, and begin to tackle the root cause of your chronic pain: YOUR BRAIN.

How do you do that?

Through Pain Reprocessing Therapy.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a new therapy that changes the way your brain interprets pain and rewires your brain's responses that have been learned over time.

It’s designed to help you release the fear, frustration, anger, sadness, and any other negative emotion that your brain associates with your pain and replace it with feelings of calm, relief, and safety.

Doing so will break the cycle of chronic pain in your brain and body and allow the pain to diminish…

…allowing you to reclaim your life without the constant worry of how your pain will impact you and get you back to the activities you love to do!

PRT may be a new therapy, but it’s clinically proven to be effective.
In fact, in a randomized controlled trial, 98% of participants said their pain improved with PRT, and 66% were pain-free or nearly pain-free at the end of their treatment.

The good news is, a framework to help you learn about and begin implementing Pain Reprocessing Therapy for your chronic pain is HERE.

It’s a framework that will help you:

Understand how your brain and your pain are connected

Identify how you specifically are thinking about and reacting to your pain

Experience your pain in a different way — without stress, fear, and frustration

Reframe your pain in ways that interrupt your brain’s well-worn pain response

Deal with setbacks when old thought patterns about pain arise

This easy-to-implement framework incorporates both the MIND and the BODY connection…
…and will allow you to finally handle your pain differently so that you can experience real RELIEF — and eventually, even become completely pain-free!

I know it may seem impossible to imagine life without your pain, especially if the pain at this moment is constant.

But not only is it possible, it’s 100% doable.

And I know this is true because I’ve done it myself, as well as guided many of my clients in my practice to do the same.

Hi, I’m Annie Miller.

I’m a psychotherapist who, for the past 15 years, has specialized in helping patients overcome their chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and trauma/PTSD.

I earned my Master’s degree in social work (MSW) from the University of Chicago before working in hospital settings, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

These experiences taught me how to work with chronic illness, medical-related issues, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. I have also been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and have a broad understanding of sleep disorders and trauma. I have completed several programs in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and participate in regular supervision training.

More recently, I earned a certificate in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and I am one of a select number of therapists in the world trained in this technique.

I also have had my own personal experience with chronic pain. As a teen I developed chronic migraines, and in my 20s the pain got worse, spreading to different areas. And I developed an array of other symptoms that I struggled to manage. I was able to work through these symptoms and learn how to manage it by implementing the therapies that I now use with my clients today.

My mission now is to help as many chronic pain and illness sufferers as possible ease — and potentially alleviate — their own pain.

Thanks to my personal experience, plus the range of therapies I use with my clients that address the mind-body connection we have with pain, I’ve developed a framework that is not only effective, evidence-based, and clinically proven, but is easy-to-implement on your own.

My hope is that in learning these brain-based strategies, you’ll understand the power and potential of Pain Reprocessing Therapy and you’ll begin using it with your own symptoms. These techniques can help you can finally feel the relief you’ve been seeking and begin to experience the fullness of life that you deserve.

I want you to know that you CAN overcome your chronic pain — especially when you have the right tools.

If you’re ready to learn these tools and start improving the quality of your life quickly and effectively, I can’t wait to show you how.


Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain:
A Framework for Managing and Easing Chronic Pain

A 5-module online course that will teach about this revolutionary and clinically proven new therapy, as well as how to use it to change the way your brain interprets your pain so that you can ease your pain and improve your quality of life.

As part of Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain, you’ll receive:

Five Learning Modules

That will lead you step-by-step through the Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain framework.

26 Tools and Exercises

To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your life.

Program Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll learn and explore in each module of
Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain…


Your Brain on Pain

We’ll kick off the course by exploring your brain and the neuroscience of how pain works in the brain. We’ll discuss the mind-body connection to your pain and how your thought processes, beliefs, and feelings are affecting it. We’ll also explore how your brain in particular is responding to your pain, and WHY it’s responding in the way it is — as well as how you can begin to shift how you think and feel to make your pain less acute.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Your Stress-Pain Connection Assessment​ that will help you identify if your pain may be due to neural pathway
  • Pain Pie Chart Exercise to help you identify how you spend your day and how much time you spent thinking about or worrying about your pain
  • Common Diagnosis Checklist​ that outlines the various diagnoses that are most commonly related to the brain
  • Brief Pain Inventory​ to help you take inventory of your specific pain and the perceived stress you’re under
  • Perceived Stress Scale  to help you understand how different situations affect your feelings and perceived stress 
  • Journal Exercise​ to help you reflect on what you’ve learned in this module so that you can identify the specifics about your pain, as well as set your intentions for what you’d like to accomplish in the course


Emotions and Pain

In Module Two, we’ll explore how your emotions are connected to your pain, and specifically how your negative emotions — such as fear, sadness, or frustration — are making your pain worse. This is the key to the entire program, because we almost always associate our pain with something “bad.” When the module is complete you’ll have a different understanding about how your emotions impact pain and how pain plays a role in your day-to-day life.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • The Calm Place Visualization​ is a helpful strategy to practice focusing on something positive, and not on pain
  • Loving Kindness Meditation​ that provides ideas of things to say to yourself that will help you break the negative associations to pain
  • Thought Record Worksheet​ to help you reflect on your specific pain and the circumstances around it, as well as some of the negative thoughts you commonly have about your pain
  • Personality Trait Rating Scale that will help you pinpoint what aspects of your personality may be affecting your pain
  • The “C” of CALM Lesson​ to introduce you to the acronym and help catch any emotion or sensations you are feeling
  • Journal Exercise​ that will guide you to reflect on your three most difficult life events to see how the emotions and the physical pain are connected


Finding the Proof

Module Three is all about gathering evidence for how YOUR pain originates from your brain. We’ll explore the activity or activities that bring on your pain, and then reflect on times when you did these activities and did NOT feel pain. The goal is to help you gather evidence to identify how your pain behaves so you can welcome the idea that your pain is due to a neurological process. Once you have the proof, you can start to shift your thinking away from physical problems in the body.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Proof Page Exercise​ that will help you see how your pain is connected to your brain and not a structural problem
  • Wet Noodle/Melting Exercise and Breathing Exercise​ to help you relax your muscles and slow down your breathing
  • Common Pain-Related Habits Quiz​ to help you identify the habits you may be consciously or unconsciously acting on that are increasing your pain
  • Autogenic Training Exercise​ to help you learn how to physically relax your body and calm your nervous system
  • The “A” of CALM Lesson​ to help you accept or allow the sensations and emotions to be present without trying to fix or change them


Mindfulness and Somatic Tracking

In Module Four, you’ll start to learn how to feel the sensation of pain and NOT attach negative emotion to it. The goal of this module is to help you learn different ways of responding to your pain, begin using that different response, and practice it consistently so that it becomes more automatic.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Somatic Tracking Audio Recording  that will help you shift your focus off of your pain and the negative emotions you associate with it and learn how to associate pain with safety
  • Positive Self-Talk and Activities List  that will help you identify activities you can do break your negative associations with pain
  • Mindfulness and Acceptance Worksheet  that will help you acknowledge your feelings and emotions when you’re in pain, breathe through it, and show yourself self-compassion
  • Seeing Pain as Safe Worksheet​ to help you reframe your negative associations to pain and rewire your brain to realize the pain is just a sensation and you are safe
  • The “L” of CALM Lesson​ to let go of any fear, frustration, sadness, and anger around the sensation you’re feeling


Extinction Bursts, Confronting Avoidance and Setbacks

In our final module, we’ll discuss what happens when your brain tries to revert back to its old associations with your pain. You’ll learn about what an extinction burst is and how it is a normal part of healing. You’ll also learn how to handle setbacks so that you can keep healing and how to incorporate self-talk to keep your brain on the right track.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Changing the Meaning: Journal Prompt​ that helps you identify your go-to negative words associated with pain and then the positive words you can replace them with
  • Behavioral Activation Diary​ that gives you steps to take to face a situation that you’re worried about to confront avoidance behaviors
  • Overcoming Setbacks Exercise​ that give you things to say, activities to do and thoughts to have when you’ve had a setback
  • The “M” of CALM Lesson​ to help you move towards positive sensations and feelings of safety

Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain

A Framework for Managing and Easing Chronic Pain is already PACKED with value that will help you begin effectively addressing your chronic pain for good, but when you join now you’ll also receive the following BONUS…

Addressing Other Stressors
and Leaning Into the Positive

This valuable — and critical — bonus module will help you address the aspects of your
life, personality, and behaviors that may be
adding to your pain and creating barriers to your healing. It will also give you practical
steps to shift your thoughts and actions
toward positive and healthy choices.

Here’s everything included in Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain:

5 Learning Modules

26 Tools and Exercises

1 value-packed bonus

Ready to finally start using a treatment for your chronic pain that can address it from the root?

No matter what package you purchase, your experience starts immediately once you click the “Join Now” button below, where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. When you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration, as well as instructions on how to access your learning portal. If you have questions along the way, our team is here to help you get access to the content and ensure you get the most out of the program!

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Calm Your Brain,
Heal Your Pain
You’ll receive:
  • 5 recorded video modules, delivered weekly
  • 26 tools and exercises
  • 1 value-packed bonus
  • PLUS Improving Your Sleep and Other Symptoms Bonus Module
  • PLUS Frequently Asked Questions Bonus Module


3 monthly payments of


Calm Your Brain,
Heal Your Pain
You’ll receive:
  • 5 recorded video modules, delivered weekly
  • 26 tools and exercises
  • 1 value-packed bonus
  • Improving Your Sleep and Other Symptoms Bonus Module
  • Frequently Asked Questions Bonus Module
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Your chronic pain doesn’t have to rule your life — and you can learn how to get rid of it for good.

Especially when you have a clinically proven and highly effective therapy that does not involve medications, procedures or surgery.

If you’re ready for a treatment that addresses your brain’s role in your pain and finally focuses on your chronic pain at the ROOT…

…then Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain: A Framework for Managing and Easing Chronic Pain was designed just for you.


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